Community Outreach


Through our outreach program, the GLBC introduces this beautiful art form to audiences of all ages through the presentation of full-length classical ballets, often featuring world-caliber professional dancers. The outreach program also provides special opportunities for rural and urban schools to bring students to the company’s productions or to see demonstrations of ballet in local schools. Contact our Outreach Coordinator to learn how you can bring the GLBC to your school or community center.


On your toes!


Ballet teaches important life lessons such as discipline, hard work, creativity, and co-operation. These skills are developed through ballet, but influence every area of a dancer’s life, particularly in education and career. On Your Toes! is a new after school program offered through GLBC that introduces at-risk community children to movement and dance, while teaching valuable life skills like confidence, focus and positive attitudes. Through dance, students also learn better social interaction, co-operation and the need for mutual respect. To learn more about this dynamic program or how you can support On Your Toes! please contact our Outreach Coordinator.


For Athletes


What do NFL wide receivers, Olympic gymnasts and NBA centers all have in common? They need balance, finesse and strength to perform at their best. That is probably why so many professional athletes choose to take ballet. Most describe it as some of the toughest training they have ever encountered…and the most valuable. Classical ballet training provides strenuous physical exercise and recent studies have demonstrated that classical ballet techniques may reduce the chances of injury. GLBC offers training that hones the balance and strength of any athlete. To learn more about our Athletic Training Program, please contact our Outreach Coordinator.



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