The Academy

A little about our technique classes...


Classical Ballet is the foundation of GLAD’s dance training program, and serves as the base from which we sculpt students into well rounded and disciplined dancers.  Starting from a young age, dancers begin to learn the fundamentals in a structured environment that introduces them to movement vocabulary they’ll need for the rest of their dance lives.  As dancers progress through a Russian ballet syllabus with an emphasis in the Vaganova method, they are challenged to grow, not only as technicians, but as artists and as people. In the higher levels, dedicated students train at a pre-professional level to facilitate a future career in the dance world. We also have an active and energized adult ballet program, helping to extend the ballet experience into the later years of one’s dance life.  We strive for all our dance students to have a passion and appreciation for the art of ballet.



Modern and Contemporary dance techniques are essential additions to a versatile dancer’s training, and GLAD classes provide a diverse experience for dancers starting after they have achieved a grasp of ballet fundamentals.  Approached with a technique-emphasized syllabus, students learn the elements and emphasis of many different styles, from the classics of Graham and Horton to the contemporary edge of Gaga and release techniques.  Students are encouraged to explore the sensation of movement and are given the tools to better articulate themselves as dance artists.



Jazz Technique classes look to broaden a dancer's genre range. Students learn fundamental concepts and are exposed multiple Jazz styles, such as Classical, Musical Theatre, and Contemporary. Students are encouraged to explore Jazz in the safe and positive working atmosphere of the GLAD classes. Along with warm up, floor progressions, and choreography, students will also be involved in group discussions. It's important for growing artists to be able to express ideas and develop strong verbal communication. The development of confident artists is crucial in Jazz Technique.



Hip Hop students will work in a positive and age appropriate atmosphere.  Students learn multiple choreographic elements and styles and are given a historical background of the genre. Strength training will also be applied to their warm up. A strong dancer is a healthy dancer. Students will also be expected to explore hip hop movement through progressions and choreography.


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